Good heavens, my h-index is still irrelevant.

My H-index rose from 6 (“HaaaLOSER“) to 7 (“mind-numbingly tedious and uninteresting“). At some point this year maybe it’ll rise to 8 – “Like a fully gorged woodlouse penis.

Meanwhile, here’s a silly comparison about the parallels between being in a band vs. being in academia. Good to know that if one failing career fails me, I can always go back to another failing career that failed me.

One comment on “Good heavens, my h-index is still irrelevant.

  1. Markus says:

    Robin, this speaks to my heart. Let’s write a book about it, with accompanying CD, and add another item “Spend years of work and lots of money to release a CD/write a book that only five people will listen to/read (let alone understand)”

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